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    I have an original song coming up. If you guys want to hear it, maybe give me a sign or something. Like this post or reblog it. :) thank you!

  • fakenasty:

    it’s crazy how much one person can fuck you up

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  • mybloodyicecream:

    We can be the bands we want to hear.
    We can define our own generation.

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    My friends are so fucking strange

    I like him. Keep him.

    I’m actually dating him

    i ship it

    we all ship it

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  • Seriously, what the actual fuck is happening to the world?
    Did the family ever apologize to the victim? But they still expected her to seek forgiveness from them?
    Maybe if they taught their son not to fucking rape, this wouldn’t have happened.

    If this what the world is now, I am scared and worried for our children.

  • tyleroakleybuddies:

    So my friend tweeted sam

    • "Have you ever taken out the trash?"
    • "No, I've never taken Sam Pepper on a date."
  • imsarahbee123:

    you can’t spell sam pepper without “pp”

    as in “private parts”

    cuz he’s a dick.

  • tyleroakley:

    Had a lovely lunch with the incomparable Tom Daley; don’t mind us, we’re a couple of messes.